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World Methodist Peace Award

About the World Methodist Peace Award

The World Methodist Peace Award was proposed by Dr. Stanley Leyland at the 1976 Thirteenth World Methodist Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The night before, the Conference heard a stirring address by Rev. Eric Gallagher, who was then at the heart of the conflict in Belfast. Leyland recalled Gallagher’s positive suggestions about what the Council could do in an effort for peace. Leyland presented a resolution that would establish the World Methodist Peace Award and with amendments which refined the text it was voted.

It was agreed that the first award should go to a person in Northern Ireland, but could then go to other areas where the concern for peace is of great consequence. It was also decided a World Methodist Peace Award Committee would be established to decide on future recipients. The Officers of the World Methodist Council, being a representative body, were named as the World Methodist Peace Award Committee, and criteria were written for the award.

Criteria for the Award

Criteria for determining who should receive the World Methodist Peace Award are: Courage, Creativity, and Consistency.


With regard to COURAGE, this may relate to either the facing of physical danger, or putting one’s personal interests at risk. This would include disruption to one’s personal and family life, and the possibility of misunderstandings and even rejection by the groups and organizations with which one ordinarily would desire to have association or fellowship.


CREATIVITY includes consideration whether or not activities open up new initiatives and new grounds for negotiations and progress, also whether the potential recipient attracts others to join in working for the cause of peace, and builds up an increasing body of committed opinion in favor of and working for the cause of peace.


CONSISTENCY is judged by whether the effort is sustained over a period of continuing intensity despite disappointments, frustrations and setbacks. The recipient receives the sliver/gold gilt medallion, a citation and US$1,000 which is only symbolic of the larger recognition of what the person has done.


Nominations may be made by submitting a letter highlighting the reason for the nomination and giving evidence of the fruit of the nominee’s efforts toward peace, etc. A photograph is requested, along with appropriate endorsements for the nomination. Nominations for the Award are considered at the annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the Council.

Send to:

Bishop Ivan Abrahams
General Secretary
World Methodist Council

Donations for the ongoing work of this award are welcome. You may make a donation online using the Donate button or send your check payable to the “World Methodist Council” to the attention of:

Bishop Ivan Abrahams
World Methodist Council
P.O. Box 518
Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 USA