World Methodist Council unveils 2016 Conference Logo

ONE logo PRAISE color simplified flat

During the World Methodist Council’s 2013 meeting at Wesley’s Chapel in London, the theme and logo for the 2016 World Methodist Conference was unveiled to Council members and guests. The theme, “One”, is used to both reflect the Council’s goal of being a body that unites the 80 member churches from the Methodist, Wesleyan, Nazarene, United and Uniting Church traditions as well as recalling John Wesley’s quote that “Methodists are one people in all the world”.

The logo, which was designed by Cathryn Wooton, a graphic designer from Virginia in the United States of America, was selected from a field of over fifty entries from throughout the globe. The logo sums up the purpose of the World Methodist Conference, which is for people from all over the world who share in the faith traditions affiliated with the World Methodist Council to convene, celebrate and discern within the common threads of their faith in Jesus Christ.

The 2016 World Methodist Conference will take place from August 31 – September 4 in Houston, Texas.