World Methodist Council Responds to Paris Attacks


14 November 2015

In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris last night, The World Methodist Council issues the following statement:

The World Methodist Council condemns the  terrorist-motivated multiple bombings, shootings, and hostage-taking attacks in Paris yesterday, the second time in less than a year that such attacks have taken place on French soil.

The savage attack on innocent, unarmed civilians attending a concert, soccer match and eating at restaurants shows cowardice and is an affront to human dignity.  At the time of this statement, 129 people had been confirmed killed and more than 200 wounded.

World Methodist Council General Secretary Bishop Ivan Abrahams extends the condolences of the WMC to the next of kin of those killed and to the French nation. He also calls on all people of goodwill to remember those afflicted by this tragedy in their thoughts and prayers, including investigators and officials in the ongoing investigation. May God help us work toward and realize a day when violence no longer exists.

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