Family Life

Chairperson: Bishop Theresa Snorton (Christian Methodist Episcopal Church)

The Family Life Committee of World Methodist Council is committed to applying Christian insights, thus enabling wholeness of body, mind and spirit within families. We dedicate ourselves to exploring the issues and incredible changes affecting families worldwide such as: relationships in marriage; rights of children and the aged; prevalence of violence; caring for all ages within the family; changing roles of women and men in society; effects of poverty; nurture of Christian values and fostering of education, health and the stewardship of creation.

Focus on Child Health

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The feeling of loss comes too early when we lose a loved one. It is even more heartbreaking when the loved one is a young child. Each year, approximately 7 million children, under the age of five, die worldwide due to preventable causes. That is a large number. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)…

World Methodist Council’s Family Life Committee Releases Winter Newsletter

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There are over 15 million children in domestic work in the world today who feel they are invisible. They work behind the closed doors of their employers, most are girls and many of them suffer abuse and exploitation at the hands of their employers, working long hours, for little or no pay and denied the opportunity to go to school.