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What We Do

An Overview

Founded in 1881, the World Methodist Council is an organization that works to bring together 80 member churches spanning the entire Wesleyan tradition.  In essence, the council works as a United Nations for Methodism – we provide a global table for all churches in our family to come to while respecting the autonomy of individual organizations.

Our main objective is to produce a coherent and prophetic voice on the church’s role in the challenges that its parishioners face in an ever-changing and increasingly globalized world.

The World Methodist Council addresses these issues through our standing committees, which seek to bring together voices from our member churches to discuss and create official policy on issues ranging from education, evangelism, social justice and the role of youth and young adults within the church.

The Council is also the only organization within the Methodist family that relates to other ecumenical bodies. The World Methodist Council has engaged in dialogues with the Catholic Church, The Salvation Army and the Orthodox Church, and with each of these dialogues comes a better understanding of our faith as well as a sincere hope for peace and justice.

The World Methodist Council works as an instrument holding together a vision for Methodists throughout the world. It has a distinct convening role within the Wesleyan family to give voice, form community and to bear common witness as we respond to a bruised and broken world.

At this historical juncture the Council stands on a strong foundation and has a new and dynamic future; more creative, diverse and ripe with possibility than any of us have yet imagined.

As the world grows and changes at a seemingly faster pace than ever before, the World Methodist Council is determined to be there as a steadying force, as a guiding hand and as champions of integrity.