Statement on violence in Israel and Gaza

For the past three days violence has once again erupted between the nation of Israel and Gaza. Rocket fire has left the citizens of these areas frightened, uneasy and rattled by the prospects of an escalation of the violence.

The issue of Israel and Palestine and the proper response towards it is always a controversial one, but the World Methodist Council continues to stand behind its 2011 resolution on Israel and Palestine, which calls for a nonviolent response to the occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces and for outside nations to continue to champion a just peace for the region.

The Holy Land is an area rich in history and tradition for people of all the Abrahamic faiths; Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is an area where faiths have lived alongside each other for more than a thousand years. In a time within our world where the voices of the people can be heard louder than ever before, we urge the people caught in the midst of these two warring states to reject violence, to reject fear, and instead embrace a lasting peace for citizens to tell their leaders that violence will not be carried out in their name.

As rumors of a potential ground invasion begins, we pray for a quick end to this violence. The World Methodist Council asks for prayers for safety for people of all faiths in Israel and Palestine, and that a quick and peaceful resolution is found.