Stand Against Human Trafficking


On Sunday February 2nd, the National Football League will present Superbowl XLVIII from the Meadowlands in New Jersey. This game, for the league championship of American football, is widely considered one of the largest-viewed sporting events in the world. This year’s potential television audience is over one billion people in 111 countries.

As people gather around television sets, at parties and other events built around the game, a troubling underbelly to the event is often marginalized: the human trafficking that occurs surrounding the game and its related events. This event is known as arguably the single largest sex-trafficking incident in the United States.

Many Methodist organizations, including the United Methodist Women, are attempting to bring light to this issue and the sad toll that it takes upon those trapped in the sex-trade. Other faiths, including the Diocese of Newark within the Episcopal Church, are bringing light to the issue.

The World Methodist Council would like to lend its voice to those condemning human trafficking, and ask that its member churches do the same this Sunday. Please remember that the contest within the stadium may be grand and full of pageantry, but the lives and struggles of those caught within the bonds of servitude in this horrible and all-to-prevalent industry. Let our church doors be open and our words be soothing for those who need our help in escaping this trap.