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Faith Working Through Love ( Salisbury 2018)

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Faith Working Through Love (2018)

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The Call to Holiness: From Glory to Glory (2016)
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Encountering Christ the Saviour: Church and Sacrament (Durban Report, 2011)

Synthesis (2011 overview of discussions from the last 40 years)

The World Methodist Council Statement of Association with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (between the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation, Signed in Seoul, 2006)

The Grace Given You in Christ: Catholics and Methodists Reflect Further on the Church (Seoul Report, 2006)
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Speaking The Truth In Love: Teaching Authority Among Catholics And Methodists (Brighton Report, 2001)
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The Word of Life – A Statement on Revelation and Faith (Rio de Janeiro Report, 1996)
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The Apostolic Tradition (Singapore Report, 1991)

Towards a Statement on the Church (Nairobi Report, 1986)

Toward an Agreed Statement on the Holy Spirit (Honolulu Report, 1981)

The Dublin Report (1976)

The Denver Report (1971)

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Into All The World: Being and Becoming Apostolic Churches (2014)

Sharing in The Apostolic Communion (1996)

Sharing in The Apostolic Communion Interim Report (1995)

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Working Together in Mission: Witness, Education, and Service (Series 2, 2011)

The Salvation Army and Methodists (2006)

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The Church: Community of Grace (Final Report 1984)