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The CJ4A’s short films and worship resources have been created to encourage creation-centred worship. They are free to be used, shared, downloaded and printed to aid worship.

Step One…Start by Listening: each set of worship resources relates to one o f our short films.
Begin by listening to stories of experience from around the world. This is the best place to begin.

Step Two…Get Stuck In: the worship resources are designed to help you go deeper in engaging with climate justice as part of your faith. Use them to get stuck in to exploration and action.

Here are our suggestions for where to begin:

In a Worship Service:

  • Use the scripture and eco-reflection to form or influence the sermon
  • Use the various prayers for collective prayer and individual reflection
  • Use the discussion questions as part of a time of response: for quiet moments of reflection
    or interactive discussion
  • Use the suggested songs in your sung worship.

In a Small Group/Youth Group:

  • Begin with discussion, using the questions in the resource
  • Use the 10 facts to start a conversation about the participants’ experience or knowledge
  • Use the prayers to open or close the session in prayer
  • Use the songs as part of a time of reflection.

In Personal Worship:

  • Write your thoughts to the discussion questions down as part of your reflection
  • Spend time listening to the suggested songs
  • Read the prayers aloud.

      You can view our current and upcoming resources below:

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