Pray for an End to Famine

One-year-old Achuol has her health checked in Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan. Thousands like Achuol face life-threatening hunger. ©Medair/Diana Gorter

Join churches worldwide on 21 May 2017 to pray for an end to famine.

More people face famine today than any time in modern history. Unfortunately, this crisis is not hitting the news and the world is not responding quickly enough. The window to deliver life-saving assistance  to more than 20 million people  is closing.

Churches have a prophetic role in calling its members, wider society and governments to make a difference during this unprecedented period of suffering.

The Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on 21 May was created by a broad coalition of more than 70 faith-based organisations, representing more than 1 billion Christians worldwide, to respond to the worst famine crisis of our time. The World Methodist Council has joined this initiative to help spread the word, and increase awareness of this global issue.

Join us in prayer.

  1. Commit time to pray for an end to famine in your church and in your family. Find resources here.
  2. Add your church to the map of churches committed to praying worldwide. See what churches are praying.
  3. Share your prayer and actions to social media using #praytoendfamine. Be inspired by what others are sharing here.
  4. Take it one step further and support organizations that are working to end hunger in the world. WMC’s affiliate WesleyMen have undertaken the project to help make a difference and bring life-saving food to the areas that need it., a relief agency of the Methodist Church in Britain, is bringing aid to areas affected by famine and food shortages. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is working to provide sustainable agriculture projects around the globe, to help prevent food insecurity.

We hope you will join the WMC in this initiative and pray for an end to famine.