Post-Hurricane Message from C.M.E. Church Bishop

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thank You, Moving On, and Moving Forward

by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

Dear CME Family:

As the presiding bishop of the Eighth Episcopal District (the Jamaica Region and five Texas Regions), I am eternally grateful to the hosts of persons from across the Connection who have poured concern and aid into the Eighth Episcopal District by praying, by giving to one of the several churches listed in the brief messages I’ve sent in the last two weeks, or by coming to Texas and giving assistance in the southeastern part of the State with your labors. The outpouring of aid from people of the 6th and 5th and 7th Episcopal Districts (led by Bishop Kenneth Carter) with mission journeys last week has left a significant mark.

As God’s resilient people, who are moving on – moving on in the acts of cleaning, restoring, rebuilding, drying out, airing out … we are moving on as we continue to work. Moving on does not mean that we ignore the help we have received or ignore the mountains of responsibilities before us. Neither will we fail to remember that we are stronger together than separate.

At the same time, I want to join in the leadership of Bishops Sylvester Williams and Bobby Best in their announcement as chair and vice chair of the Committee on Emergency Relief. While they have not been and are not now being insensitive to the needs still existing from Hurricane Harvey, they are moving forward to deal with anticipated needs from Hurricane Irma with sharp foresight. They are right, as we face the crucial winds of Irma bearing down upon Florida, to anticipate the need to raise funds for relief immediately. They are also right in helping us do it systematically (as we have done in the past) by writing our checks to the Department of Finance and urging our members to send these funds to the various episcopal district offices to be shared with the people who will need them the most by the Committee on Emergency Relief.

An acknowledgement is in order: when I listed the six churches that persons could send funds directly to (for Texas hurricane relief) in my previous statements after Hurricane Harvey, I was reacting to the urgency of the moment, wanting funds to get where they were needed in the quickest ways. While the churches of Texas and I agreed on a method for accounting for what has been received, I need you to know that I believe what Bishop Williams and Bishop Best are reminding us of – the system we have had in place for emergency relief – is better for all concerned and for our connectional accountability.

Thanks, Bishop Williams and Bishop Best, for your leadership! Thank You, Church for listening and following through!

+ Lawrence L. Reddick III