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October – Resources

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October - Africa

This is the seventh in our series of short films and worship resources focusing on climate justice from
around the world.

Short Film

  • Learn about the impacts of climate change on agriculture and aquaculture in Africa
  • Listen to the stories of farmers in Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe as they experience and
    adapt to the changes in weather patterns
  • Be inspired by stories of hope from communities in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe, and
    discover how they are adapting to the challenges presented by climate change and
    encouraging youth activism

Worship Resources

  • Explore the stories from Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe further using discussion questions
  • Learn about the impacts that climate change is having in nations across Africa
  • Listen to a poem written by a child from Uganda about the importance of tree planting
  • Reflect on the role we have as stewards for the environment
  • Worship with hymns and prayers from Zimbabwe and Uganda

(Download the resources here)

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