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May – Resources

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May - Climate induced migration in Fiji

This is the second in our series of short films and worship resources focusing on climate justice from around the world.

Short Film

● Witness how frontline communities of the Pacific contribute the least to carbon emissions yet bear the brunt of the climate crisis.
● Learn about how the impacts of climate change has or is likely to induce forced relocation for two frontline communities in Fiji.
● Listen to the challenges of how the communities of Vunidogoloa and Narikoso are coping with forced relocation.
● Listen to the messages of hope from individuals that live on the frontiers of climate risk and vulnerability.

Worship Resources

● Learn more about how the climate crisis is affecting frontline communities of the Pacific.
● Check out prayers of creation written by youths from the Methodist Church of Fiji/Rotuma.
● Create dialogue with discussion questions based on the content of the short film.
● Read up on reflections written by ministers that serve the Methodist family in the Pacific.
● Worship to worldwide known hymns from the ecumenical family.

(Download the resources here)

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