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Slovakia United Methodist Church *

Contact: Superintendent Štefan Rendoš
Other Panenska 10 Bratislava SK-811 03 SlovakiaWork Fax: 421 7 544 14 468
Photo of Slovakia United Methodist Church *

In 1920, missionaries from the US-based Methodist Episcopal Church, South began their work in Czechoslovakia. They organized evangelization meetings, distributed Bibles, and provided emergency services to the people, who were still suffering from the consequences of the First World War. In the following years many local churches were established – first in what is now the Czech Republic, later in what is now Slovak Republic. The church grew rapidly but also experienced politically and financially difficult times. Today the UMC is very mission-oriented. This is clearly seen in its evangelistic programs, its youth ministry and its work in the communications media. The social services for people on the margins of society (particularly people belonging to the Roma minority in eastern Slovakia) are another priority of the church work. The UMC is also very engaged in ecumenical activities (not least in regard to theological education) and
stands for a common Christian witness. The UMC in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic is organized in a cross-border Annual Conference with two districts.