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Macedonia, United Methodist Church *

Contact: Supt. Wilfried Nausner
Other Debarca 9 Skopje MK-1000 MacedoniaWork Phone: 43 664 7375 8905
Photo of Macedonia, United Methodist Church *

More than 140 years ago, US-missionaries led the cornerstone for Protestant work in the territory of what is now Macedonia. Of enormous significance for the further growth and development of the work and its large social effects was the committed service of the «Biblewomen» who in the face of great difficulties visited remote villages and shared the Gospel in word and deed. However, the United Methodist work in Macedonia also went through times of war, repression, and isolation. Today, outreach ministries among people facing difficult situations (e.g. elderly people, people with special needs, or people belonging to the Roma minority) are important parts of the church’s work. The Miss Stone Center with the «Meals on Wheels» program is a special ministry operated by people from the UMC. A project of particular significance for the peaceful future of Macedonia is the endeavor to promote interfaith contacts and understanding. Other priorities include the production of Christian literature, programs for children and youth, activities for women, and the education of new lay and clergy leaders in order to help with the challenge of building a church for future generations with an impact on society. Despite political separation of their countries, the local churches in Macedonia and Serbia still belong to the
same Annual Conference.