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December – Resources

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December – Our global team

This is our final short film and worship resource focusing on climate justice issues around the world.
It is a collaborative effort, combining the work of CJ4A volunteers and workers from Bangladesh,
Estonia, Fiji, Great Britain, Italy, Pakistan, Uruguay, USA, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Short Film

  • Learn about the climate crisis in Bangladesh, one of the most vulnerable nations on earth to
    the threats caused by climate change
  • Listen to communities who are suffering from the rising sea-levels, flooding and increased
  • Look at the impacts of these disasters on people’s homes and livelihoods

Worship Resources

  • Explore climate change in Bangladesh further using the discussion questions
  • Examine the wins and disappointments of COP26, and consider whether you think it was a
    failure or a success
  • Read prayers from the COP26 workers as they contemplate the future after COP26, and
    prayers from church communities around the world
  • Learn about the importance of land stewardship with eco reflections from Pakistan and
  • Worship with a collection of songs from around the world, focusing on creation and justice

(Download the resources here)

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