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COP26 Events

In November this year, COP26 will be held in Glasgow.

At the same time, Climate Justice for All will also be holding events and exhibitions to bring the Methodist voice to COP26.

We will be holding four talks on the following days:

  • Climate Justice & Gender, a view from Zambia (7pm GMT, 4th November)
  • Climate Justice & Youth Engagement, a view from Italy (7pm GMT, 5th November)
  • Climate Justice & Livelihood, voices from Fiji (7pm GMT, 8th November)
  • Climate Justice & Energy, a view from Uruguay (7pm GMT, 9th November)

We will also be running CJ4A LIVE, a livestreamed event which will run for 12 hours over the weekend in the middle of COP26. This will feature songs, reflections, and other forms of worship from our global partners. The event has been timed so that people will be able to tune at some point during the weekend, wherever they are in the world.

The event will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel:

Here is a timetable of events in GMT/UTC:

If you are lucky enough to be in Glasgow during the two weeks of COP26, you can drop into our live events as well as visit our exhibition of science and art from global volunteers. Our events will be held at Woodlands Methodist Church.