Climate Justice for ALL

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What is Climate Justice for All?

Climate Justice for all is a climate focused, youth-led, global campaign which seeks to mobilise the Methodist family on issues of climate justice. 


We believe in Climate Justice for All

We Believe – communicates the essential place of faith in our work

Climate Justice – highlights that the climate crisis is an issue of injustice, that Christians are challenging. It also reminds us that the climate crisis intersects with many other justice issues.

For Allrecalls John Wesley’s declaration that God’s love is for all. Seeking climate justice does not just involve a small number of individuals, but everyone.

We believe in Climate Justice for All – do you?


We believe that the Methodist family can make a difference

The climate crisis is one of the biggest justice issues the world faces. It is important for the global Methodist family to make our voices heard, and to take action alongside others. CJ4A acknowledges that the experiences of climate change are different across the world, whilst also attempting unite efforts towards climate justice with common themes.

We’re calling on and resourcing Methodist communities across the world to:

Listen – to stories of communities around the world, using videos and worship resources (Download the latest resources)

Call – on our national ambassadors to the COP to strive for climate justice through a focus on equipping and fairness

Commit – to strive for climate justice in our own church communities. This will look different in each of the countries which are involved in the campaign, but the goals of equipping and fairness will remain at the heart of all commitments. (Make your commitment)


We believe that 2021 will be a key year in the fight for our planet

COP26: 1-12th November 2021 – Glasgow

COP26 is the 26th annual meeting of the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference. This COP is significant because it will feature the first major review since the setting of the COP21 Paris agreement, a binding international agreement to limit global temperature rise. (Learn more)

Nations have committed to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which set out goals for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. At COP26, progress will be reviewed, and new targets will be set.


We believe that these targets need to focus on two key areas:

Equipping vulnerable communities on the front lines of climate change with the resources they need to adapt to the changing world.

Fairness, promoting action which sees the highest emitting countries committing to the most ambitious carbon reduction targets to reach net-zero, and support efforts in other countries to reduce carbon outputs and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

We invite you to encourage your political ambassadors to the COP to play their part in this. (Meet the communities involved)


We believe in the power of youth leadership

Climate Justice for All is a youth led campaign, with six workers from five different countries. (Meet our team)

Climate Justice for All is also about YOU. We are building a diverse movement of young people and youth workers from around the world. Will you join us? (Get involved)

Although it is youth led, this campaign is fully intergenerational and inclusive. We hope that you will be able to engage with taking action for climate justice through CJ4A.


How can I get involved?

Are you looking for ways to help your church community take meaningful action on climate change? Here are a few ways you can get involved in Climate Justice for All:

Get resourced: Find monthly worship and storytelling resources, equipping you to listen and act for climate justice. (Download our resources

Engage your community: How could your Methodist community get involved? Could your church, small group or gathering connect with the campaign together in worship? Bring other people on the journey with you.

Speak up: Across the world, Methodist communities in different contexts are speaking up to call for Climate Justice for All. Find out if your country is represented (here)If not, could you be the first?

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