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Togo, Methodist Church

Contact: Rev. Charles C. KLAGBA-KUADJOVI
Other B.P. 49 Lome TogoWork Phone: 228 22 21 29 49Work Fax: 228 22 21 84 47
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In 1843, British Wesleyan missionary Thomas Birch Freeman who came from Lagos, Nigeria, visited Togo. He gained permission from the Ling of Anecho, Georges Lawson I for preaching and for establishment of schools.
For a long time, the work was developed only in the Anecho area which is inhabited by the ethnic group of Mina and Guin.
At the beginning, the Methodist Church of Togo was under the authority of Nigeria-Dahomey-Togo District which later became Dahomey-Togo District. It was only in 1978 that the Methodist Church of Togo was separated from the Methodist Church of Benin and became an independent district of the British Conference and is presided over by a chairman. From 1978 to 1980, the chairman was Rev. James Lawson. From 1981 to 1990 it was Rev. Gaspard Menoah, and at the present time, it is Rev. Felicien Lawson.
The last Synod (1995) decided that the Methodist District of Togo will become an independent conference in 1999.
The total Methodist community is 38,816 of whom 18,622 are full members in 6 circuits and 25 parishes. The church is served today by two Togolese ministers in full time and two in part time while four are in school. Eight catechists and other lay preachers helped the ministers in this service. Women and youth are given their places in the church and their unions are active and growing in strength. The church also operates 20 primary schools and one secondary school.