Solidarity for the Nassar Family

We wish to express our solidarity with the Nassar family they are Palestinian Christian and Recipients of the 2018 Methodist World Peace Prize. Their Tent of Nation’s Farm located south west of Bethlehem, close to the village of Nahalin. We have known this family for more than 10 years, we visited them with many church delegations and groups , we planted olive and other trees on their property. This family and their Tent of Nations farm became a symbol of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance. We are very much aware of their struggle to protect their land from the danger of confiscation by the Israeli occupation for the last 30 years. Recently the Nassar family and their land has been attacked several times allegedly by a Palestinian family from the village, who started to cultivate some fields, built a fence, broke into their house and destroyed parts of it, vandalized the property and threatened members of the family. The recent attack was on Friday 21/5/21 when a huge area of the Nassar land was set on fire. The Nassar family reported the attacks to both the police and the governor of Bethlehem, but the attacks continue. While the family is struggling against the threat of confiscation from the Israelis Authorities, they also appear to be being attacked by their Palestinian brothers. Their nonviolent way of resistance is respected and supported by many churches and people. They and their Tent of Nations are a strong testimony of a peaceful resistance to achieve justice. We pray for the attacks on all side to cease. We uphold the family and all concerned in our prayers. We call on all involved to stop the attacks, to bring the perpetrators to account and to uphold the way of reconciliation and justice.