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2021 Postponed to 2022

Postponement of The World Methodist Council and Conference

After a series of meetings with the Conference Host and Program Committees to evaluate the impact of the        coronavirus pandemic on General Conference schedules of member churches, the Steering Committee decided to postpone the Gothenburg 2021 Conference to August 10-14, 2022.

The Council, since its inception in 1881, has learned that we always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it is the forces of nature, changes in the global economy, pandemics of other factors, we know that we will get through these challenges as we have before.

We are living through an unprecedented time in history. It is not the first time that a World Methodist Conference has been postponed. During World War II, the 1941 Conference was shifted to 1947.

We want you to know that the WMC values you. The coronavirus may not have infected you and your loved ones, but no matter where in the world we find ourselves, we are all affected. Our most important task is to work together to overcome the pandemic. The best way, according to the authorities, is to stay at home.

We continue to pray for your health and well-being, may God bless and keep you safe.

Yours in Christian love and service,


Ivan M Abrahams, General Secretary                                                                  JC Park, President


Nominate Speakers for Conference, note June deadline

Your help is needed! The Planning Team seeks to identify speakers and workshop leaders for the 2022 ‘On the Move’ Conference, particularly in relation to the three main themes: ‘Migration,’ ‘Pilgrimage,’ and ‘Illumination – lights that guide our way.’

Workshop Leaders and speakers should bring challenging and inspiring input to the Conference. Please share the names of people who can do this with us! The Conference should reflect and celebrate the World Methodist Council’s commitment to racial, age, gender, geographic and denominational diversity.

The deadline for potential speakers and leaders is 30 June 2020.

Please send any names to Dr. Martyn Atkins at the following email address:



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