Methodist Heritage Tours

Attendees of the 2013 World Methodist Council meeting in London interested in learning more about the roots of Methodist now have a chance to do so by taking part in a Methodist Heritage Tour. The trip, organized by Jan Redler Travel & Tourism, will be conducting a pre-Meeting tour and a post-Meeting tour. These tours are a wonderful way to understand the lives of the pioneers of Methodism.

About the Tours

The Pre-Meeting tour begins Wednesday, September 4th and continues through Monday, September 9th. You can find the entire itinerary hereThe Post-Meeting tour begins Saturday, September 14th and continues through Thursday, September 19th. You can find the itinerary here.

How to Register

Registration information for the tour can be found on the itineraries and by completing the booking information that is found here. It is important to note that neither this tour nor the bookings are organized, conducted or operated by the World Methodist Council. Any queries about the itinerary or the tour should be directed to