Methodist and Wesleyan faith communities throughout the world are linked as these member churches participate in Council events and endeavors


The Council acts to support human reconciliation and to create conditions that foster community and further world peace


The Council, through its World Evangelism Division, spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ


The Council works for unity in the faith through engagement and dialogue with other Christian world communions

News & Events 

Nomination Forms

The WMC is open for 2021-2026 delegates to be nominated as Committee Chairpersons or Officers. Click on the following link to access these forms:
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2019 World Methodist Peace Award Recipient

Dr. Laney reminded those gathered in his honor that “peacemaking is not possible if we demonize the other” and that “we have to move in peace, stage by stage.”
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Churches Week of Action on Food is October 13-20

Christians of all denominations and traditions are encouraged to rejoice and give thanks for God’s abundant provisions and to think of ways to share God’s gifts, so that all have
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