Inter-religious Relationships

Chair: Rev. Dr. Reynaldo Leão “Léo” Neto (Methodist Church in Britain)

The Inter-religious Relations committee is charged with working to advance genuine open and loving relationships between member churches of the Council and peoples of other religions, by exchanging news, information, ideas and resources relating to inter-religious concerns.




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Jewish-Christian Dialogue Conference Comes to Argentina

Interrelgious Relations

The Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina recently participated in a conference entitled “Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Commitment, Challenges and Experiences”. The conference, held from August 19-21 in Buenos Aries, Argentina included representatives from many different faiths. The event was organized by the International Council of Christians and Jews, and the Argentina Judeo-Christian Fellowship. Bishop Frank Nully Brown of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina spoke at the conference, which aimed to promote greater unity between Jews and Christians in Latin America. In attendance were over a hundred participants from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, the United