Ecumenical Relationships

Chairperson: Rev. Dr. Tim Macquiban (Methodist Church in Britain)

To foster Methodist participation in the ecumenical movement and to promote the unity of Methodist witness and service. The Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome is a joint initiative of World Methodist Council in cooperation with the Methodist Church in Britain and The United Methodist Church.

Dialogues with other Communions

The Second Vatican Council caused an ecumenical revolution when it proposed conversations one-on-one with a wide range of other Christian churches, known as bilateral dialogues.  Multi-lateral conversations are familiar from the work of the World Council of Churches. The Roman Catholic-World Methodist Council one was among the earliest, beginning in 1967 and has produced reports every five years. In 2011  a digest of the previous 40 years’ results, Synthesis, was published.

In the recent past, dialogues with Lutherans and Reformed churches and the Salvation Army have been fruitful.

In 2015, the report of the Anglican-Methodist international dialogue, Into All The World, became available.

The first dialogue with the Baptist World Alliance began in 2013 and is continuing.

See Ecumenical Dialogues in the Resources section of our website for these and more reports.


Participation with World Ecumenical Bodies

A significant recent player in the ecumenical field is the Global Christian Forum, on which the World Methodist Council has a place. The Forum offers new opportunities for broadening and deepening encounters on the way to Christian unity. It especially promotes relationships between and among Christian churches and traditions which have not been in conversation with each other previously. Its Guiding Purpose is to be ‘an open space wherein representatives from a broad range of Christian churches and inter-church organisations, which confess the triune God and Jesus Christ as perfect in His divinity and humanity, can gather to foster mutual respect, to explore and address together common challenges.’ See their website

The World Methodist Council also enjoys many times of celebration and consultation with other world churches, sending representatives to a variety of meetings and events, and in turn offering hospitality at Methodist occasions.

Prayers for Italy

Ecumenical Relationships, News & Events

Rev. Dr. Tim Macquiban was preparing to attend the World Methodist Conference in Houston, Texas, when the massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Central Italy. Serving as director of the Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome, he felt the tremors of the quake, and upon finding out that many from Rome and the nearby area were displace, injured or even killed during the quake, he was moved to write this prayer: Loving God, creator of the world and all that is in it. To you we turn in times of tragedy and distress, out of our human weakness, when the mountains shake

Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome (MEOR) is Launched

Ecumenical Relationships, News & Events

The Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome (MEOR) was dedicated during an act of worship at Ponte Sant’ Angelo Methodist Church on Wednesday, 6 April. The service was attended by representatives of the Vatican and the Anglican Communion, and members of the diplomatic corps and other churches in Rome. Officers of the World Methodist Council, other members of the MEOR Stakeholders’ Forum, and the Chair of Churches Together in Rome read the scriptures and led the prayers; the Director of the Office, The Revd Dr Tim Macquiban was the preacher. Greetings were offered by Archbishop David Moxon (representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Holy See and Director

The Baptist World Alliance – World Methodist Council 2016 Bilateral Dialogue

Ecumenical Relationships, News & Events

Members of the Baptist World Alliance and the World Methodist Council met February 3 to 10 at the Elstal Theological Seminary near Berlin. The meeting was the third round of conversations of the international dialogue between Baptists and Methodists. The overall theme of the dialogue is faith working through love. The theme of the conversations this time centered on “Making Disciples: Baptism and Christian Initiation.” Participants discussed two Bible studies by distinguished New Testament scholars on Matthew 28 led by Walter Klaiber, Methodist Bishop Emeritus, and Romans 6 by Carsten Claussen, of the Baptist School of Theology at Elstal. The

1 September – World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

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Pope Francis has asked Catholics and others throughout the world to pray this day and until the Feast of St Francis on 4th October for the care of creation, in line with his recent encyclical Laudato Si. According to a letter from the Pope announcing the annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, this time “offers to individual believers and to the community a precious opportunity to renew our personal participation in this vocation as custodians of creation, raising to God our thanks for the marvellous works that He has entrusted to our care, invoking his help