Response to Recent Violence


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On July 14, when the French should have been joyously celebrating La fête Nationale (or Bastille Day), they found themselves mourning dozens who lost their lives or were injured in the brutal attack in Nice. Just one day later, violence erupted in Turkey during an attempted coup, leaving hundreds dead and thousands uncertain about their country’s future. And on Sunday, more violence ensued in the U.S. city of Baton Rouge as police officers were targeted in yet another shooting.

The World Methodist Council (WMC) condemns all forms of violence and joins the French, Turks, United States, and all people of goodwill to pray for the families of the deceased and injured.

The General Secretary of the WMC, Bishop Ivan Abrahams stated; “The events of the past few days and weeks, whether in Baghdad, Dallas, Nice, Turkey or Baton Rouge, should call us all to reflect on issues of just peace, restorative justice, mental health and race relations. We need to create opportunities to engage in honest dialogue and work towards justice and peace for all God’s children.”