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Statement on Violence Against Farm Workers in the Philippines

The World Methodist Council lifts up its voice against the violence toward protesting farmers in Kidapawan, Philippines. We pray for the government leaders in the Philippines to act with compassion in considering the plight of these farmers after losing their livelihoods and their only means of sustenance. They have not been supported by their government, but have been left to suffer when the forces of nature destroyed their hard work. For our God commands: Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back tomorrow and

World Methodist Council Responds to Paris Attacks

14 November 2015 In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris last night, The World Methodist Council issues the following statement: The World Methodist Council condemns the  terrorist-motivated multiple bombings, shootings, and hostage-taking attacks in Paris yesterday, the second time in less than a year that such attacks have taken place on French soil. The savage attack on innocent, unarmed civilians attending a concert, soccer match and eating at restaurants shows cowardice and is an affront to human dignity.  At the time of this statement, 129 people had been confirmed killed and more than 200 wounded. World Methodist Council General Secretary Bishop Ivan Abrahams extends the condolences of the WMC to the

Statement on 295th Mass-Shooting in the U.S. This Year

The World Methodist Council notes with sadness and regret the fatal mass-shooting which occurred at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, USA, on October 1, killing 10 and injuring seven.  Echoing the words of U.S. President Barack Obama, we are frustrated by how “routine” these shootings have become. According to the crowd-sourced, this is the 295th mass-shooting in the United States this year (the site reports another mass-shooting occurred the same day in Florida), and the 45th shooting to have taken place at a school according to Everytown for Gun Safety website. General Secretary Ivan Abrahams responded to the

1 September – World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Pope Francis has asked Catholics and others throughout the world to pray this day and until the Feast of St Francis on 4th October for the care of creation, in line with his recent encyclical Laudato Si. According to a letter from the Pope announcing the annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, this time “offers to individual believers and to the community a precious opportunity to renew our personal participation in this vocation as custodians of creation, raising to God our thanks for the marvellous works that He has entrusted to our care, invoking his help

“Worthy Recipients” of the World Methodist Peace Award

From: Barbara Streit/Urs Schweizer, Zurich – reprinted with permission from On Friday, June 19, 2015, retired missionaries Hugh and Shirliann Johnson were honored with the World Methodist Peace Award of the World Methodist Council. They had served the United Methodist Church in Algeria for more than 40 years and did not cease to strive for peace and reconciliation in spite of threats and setbacks. “Why we?,” the couple asked when they realized that they were selected to be the recipients of the 2014 World Methodist Peace Award. “We did not do anything special,” stated Hugh Johnson during the official ceremony.

Pastor-Couple to Receive World Methodist Peace Award

Pastor Hugh Johnson and his wife Shirliann will receive the 2014 World Methodist Peace Award during the meeting of the Switzerland-France-North Africa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Gillian Kingston, Vice-President for the World Methodist Council, will present the award  to the couple during a special presentation at the Freien Christengemeinde (Free Christian Church) on Friday evening, 19 June 2015, in Aarau, Switzerland. About Hugh and Shirliann Johnson  Hugh Johnson and Shirliann have dedicated their lives to the United Methodist Church for more than 40 years – 1963 up to 2005 – working in Algeria. They will now be honored for their service in

Response to Deadly Shootings at Church in Charleston, SC

The world awoke this morning to tragic news of the deadly shootings at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. As authorities investigate, it is clear that members at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were meeting for Bible Study and prayer when a Caucasian man in his mid-20s opened fire. The man had been attending the meeting with his victims, and managed to escape by car. He has not yet been captured.

Anglican-Methodist Co-operation Plan Launched at Home of St Patrick

By ACNS staff The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and World Methodist Council Vice President are to launch a publication that aims to overcome centuries of separate ministries of the two Christian traditions. Archbishop Justin Welby and Mrs. Gillian Kingston will be in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland—the home of St Patrick—on March 17, St Patrick’s Day, to launch Into All The World: Being and Becoming Apostolic Churches. The report, written by members of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission on Unity and Mission (AMICUM), highlights how Methodists and Anglicans have understood mission. It surveys places around the world where there is already active cooperation,

Prayers for the Victims of Church Bombings in Lahore, Pakistan

The World Methodist Council offers prayer and comfort for the people of Lahore, Pakistan, following the bombings near two Christian churches that killed at least 14 people yesterday. In a statement made today, Bishop Ivan Abrahams, General Secretary of the World Methodist Council said, “All peace loving people need to strongly condemn these cowardly orchestrated attacks on innocent worshipers. We cannot remain silent but harness all the spiritual resources of faith communities to make this world more like God’s design for it.” The World Methodist Council encourages each of its Member Churches to pray for the victims, their families, and