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Bishop Chibuzo Raphael Opoko

Chibuzo hails from Umuchi Nkata Ibeku, Abia State, Nigeria. He attended the Universities of Calabar, Reading, Manchester and London where he obtained an M.Sc Disability and Social Welfare;

He currently serves as Secretary of Conference, Methodist Church Nigeria, Member, Board of Trustees, Methodist Church Nigeria, Member, Board of Trustees, Wesley University Ondo; Social Welfare Officer, Welfare Institute Uzuakoli, Project Director, Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre Uzuakoli; Member, WCC Central, Executive and Steering Committees, Hon. Commissioner, WCC Commission of Churches in International Affairs (CCIA), Member WCC/UNICEF Core Group; Council Member WMC, Member, Nominations Committee, WMC; Attended Conferences of MC Zimbabwe, MC Britain, MC Ghana, and Swannick Conference; Delegate to 10th AACC Assembly, Uganda, 10th WCC Assembly, South Korea, and 20th WMC, South Africa. Attended Consultations on Persecution in (Albania); on Modern Day Slavery-Sri-Lanka, Film: Tool for Evangelism (Umuahia)

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