An Easter Message from the World Methodist Council

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One of the deepest convictions of the Easter story is; Christ is Risen. He is Risen Indeed. Alleluia. The Easter message is that of unlimited, boundless grace, victory, joy and hope because in Christ’s resurrection death has been overcome. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, death is described as, “The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns”. (Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1) Christians however believe that one did return and his name is Jesus, the Christ. The story of Jesus would have been nothing more than an occasional point of reference of an inspirational teacher, a charismatic figure or martyr if


World Methodist Council Remembers Rev. Dr. Kenneth Greet

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Former President of the World Methodist Council, Rev Dr. Kenneth Greet, died today.  Dr. Greet served as President of the World Methodist Council from 1976-1981, and was known for the visionary leadership he gave his home church, and the global church, particularly through his advocacy for social justice and peace.


World Methodist Council’s Family Life Committee Releases Winter Newsletter

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There are over 15 million children in domestic work in the world today who feel they are invisible. They work behind the closed doors of their employers, most are girls and many of them suffer abuse and exploitation at the hands of their employers, working long hours, for little or no pay and denied the opportunity to go to school.


Head of World Methodist Evangelism to Retire After 25 Years of Service

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In a statement released on Wednesday, the Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox, World Director of World Methodist Evangelism, announced his retirement after 25 years. Dr. Fox, who has been affiliated with the World Methodist Council since 1976, made his intention known during a recent meeting of the officers of World Methodist Evangelism in Nashville, Tennessee USA.