Prayers for Italy

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Rev. Dr. Tim Macquiban was preparing to attend the World Methodist Conference in Houston, Texas, when the massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Central Italy. Serving as director of the Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome, he felt the tremors of the quake, and upon finding out that many from Rome and the nearby area were displace, injured or even killed during the quake, he was moved to write this prayer: Loving God, creator of the world and all that is in it. To you we turn in times of tragedy and distress, out of our human weakness, when the mountains shake

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Bishop Franz W. Schäfer (1921-2016) – Building Bridges Between Worlds

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By: Bishop Patrick Streiff, Central Conference of Central and Eastern Europe Nobody suspected what the child Franz Werner Schäfer, born on March 10th, 1921 near Basel would one day become.  He grew up in simple working class surroundings.  His parents were active in helping people in trouble and in working towards more justice in the world.  His father’s side of the family had distanced themselves from the church, however, and it was only as a twelve-year-old that Franz Schäfer reluctantly accepted the invitation to attend the Methodist Sunday school in Birsfelden, where his family lived at the time. Franz Schäfer wanted to

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Response to Recent Violence

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On July 14, when the French should have been joyously celebrating La fête Nationale (or Bastille Day), they found themselves mourning dozens who lost their lives or were injured in the brutal attack in Nice. Just one day later, violence erupted in Turkey during an attempted coup, leaving hundreds dead and thousands uncertain about their country’s future. And on Sunday, more violence ensued in the U.S. city of Baton Rouge as police officers were targeted in yet another shooting. The World Methodist Council (WMC) condemns all forms of violence and joins the French, Turks, United States, and all people of goodwill to pray for

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World Methodist Council Responds to Dallas Shooting

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The news of last Friday’s attack at a peaceful prayer rally in Dallas, Texas, has saddened and shaken the world. In a statement yesterday, General Secretary Ivan Abrahams said, “As I depart South Africa to return to the United States today, I am deeply saddened by the news of yet another violent attack in the heart of the U.S. Our prayers are with the people and law enforcers in Dallas, Texas. I urge the Methodist/Wesleyan community to pray with fervor for this ‘violent storm’ to end. Violence has become part of our global landscape, and violence by firearm and weapons

People pray on Orange Ave. in Orlando, near the Pulse night club.
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Statment on the Orlando Nightclub Shooting

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Our heartfelt prayers go out to the family and friends of those killed and injured by the senseless act of violence on innocent people at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning. This massacre was a cowardly attack on the rights and freedom of all peace-loving people. The World Methodist Council condemns all acts of violence, hatred and bigotry, and affirms the dignity of all persons irrespective of race, religion, or sexual orientation. We pray for God’s peace to touch the lives of all those affected, and we continue to hope for a day when that peace extends to the